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Stopping Shower and Drain Clogs | Roto-Rooter Stamford

BathroomWithout a working drain in your shower or bathtub, a number of problems arise. While a significant number of homes have more than one toilet and almost all have more than one sink, many only have one shower or bath. When a shower drain clog or bath drain blockage crops up, it causes issues ranging from less-than-stellar hygiene to damage to the underlying plumbing.

Use a screen or other preventive measure

Some bath and shower drains have screens in place, usually when the drain doesn't include an integral stopper. If your drain doesn't have such a component in place, it's easy to purchase one and place it over the open drain.

Also, be careful not to clean off too much solid or viscous material, especially on a regular basis as this can lead to bath and shower drain clogs. Hair is a particularly notable culprit and can be cleaned out of the screen following each shower or bath.

Dealing with a clog

There are plenty of ways to clear out a shower drain clog. First try pouring boiling water down the drain, which is especially effective for soap and grease clogs. If that doesn't work, consider a solution: Mix 1/3 cup each baking soda and vinegar in a heat-resistant measuring cup, then pour down the drain as soon as it starts to fizz.

If you can't clear the clog with these methods or a tool like a bent coat hanger or snake, it's probably time to bring in a professional. Call your local Stamford Roto-Rooter to get your shower or bath back in good working order.

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