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Is My Washing Machine Broken? | Roto-Rooter Richmond

Washing machineNow that it's fall, your laundry load is about to grow larger due to all the layering of thick clothing you will need for the coming months. You'll probably notice the brown goo of mud or the occasional leaf in your laundry room especially if you have small children who like to play outside.

With mud comes plenty of opportunities for clothes to get dirty. Even walking around the neighborhood can dirty your pants due to mud being thrown from the bottom of your shoes as you walk. And if your washing machine isn't working, some of your favorite pants or shirts can be ruined for good.

Here are some signs that your washing machine may be broken.

The drum isn't empty

If water is not completely emptied out of the drum after a cycle, it could be a sign that there is something wrong with the water pump. Ensure that clothes aren't blocking the pump.

But if the issue persists, try emptying the drain hose for potential clogs.

Leaks galore

No one likes leaks. Yet, a washing machine that is consistently leaving a mess could be a sign that a hose no longer works and needs to be replaced. You'll want to inspect a few options, such as ensuring that the fill hose and drain hose aren't clogged or pierced.

Washing machines can sometimes be difficult to repair. If you spot a serious issue, contact your local Richmond Roto-Rooter for professional help fixing your washing machine. You don't want to go all of fall with no way to clean dirty clothes after all.

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