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How to Keep Your Washing Machine Humming Along | Roto-Rooter Colorado Springs

Washing machineYour washing machine is the central fixture in your laundry room. It saves you time and money that would otherwise go toward laundromat visits keeping your sweaters and shirts fresh for the fall season. But it can break down or become less efficient over time. What can you do to keep it in tip-top shape?

Set up a strainer on the end of the hose

Laundry machines sometimes share a branch drain with a laundry tub sink. These outlets can quickly become clogged with hair, lint and other debris that came out during the wash. Be sure to install a strainer at the end of the washer’s drain hose to catch all of these materials. Once it becomes full, clean the strainer.

Use a braided stainless steel hose

Washing machine hoses suffer wear and tear over time, especially if they are made from traditional rubber. The breakdown is a common cause of leaks in laundry rooms and basements. It is a good idea to replace rubber hoses with ones made from braided stainless steel, which will last longer.

Going out of town? Turn off the water.

Among the numerous items on your to-do list before you leave for a vacation go ahead and add turning off the water line to your washing machine. If left on during a pipe could burst and water will be flooding your home for days without you knowing. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to potential water damage.

Careful maintenance can usually ward off washing machines issues down the road. But make sure you call your local Colorado Springs Roto-Rooter professional plumber to help with emergencies 24/7.

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