Your Roto-Rooter Plumber Is Available Anytime

February 08, 2015

There is nothing more aggravating than waking up to water flooding your basement. All your other plans have to be put on hold and immediate action is required to get the water stopped, the problem found, and the mess cleaned up. Before you grab your phone to call a plumber at Roto-Rooter, go to your water main shut-off valve and turn it off. Then you can call to get someone to come to figure out the problem and get it fixed.

Does your family know where this valve is and when they need to turn it off? It is vital that you teach them all how to do it in case an emergency comes up and you are not there. It’s a horrible and helpless feeling to see water cascading down the stairs into the basement and have no idea how to stop it. Plan a family meeting to discuss all your emergency plans and repeat this meeting every year or so. You’ll save yourself and your family a lot of headache, hassle, and time by doing this.

Water flooding into your home may be caused by one of several things. You may have a backed up toilet, a kitchen sink clog, a broken pipe, loose pipefittings, a worn out water heater, a broken washer hose, a broken sprinkler line, and many other things. Hopefully, it will be easy to track down, but if it isn’t, you can trust that a plumber from Roto-Rooter will get to the bottom of it and make the necessary repairs. Thankfully our technicians at Roto-Rooter are available to help you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and on holidays.

Old plumbing can be a real problem. If you are using new plumbing parts to repair something in an eighty-year-old home, you may have trouble getting a good, tight fit. In addition, the new parts are usually stronger than the old are, so there is the possibility of more breaks. If you have a very old home, you need to plan for a whole new plumbing system to be put in at some point.

When you do opt for that new system, hire someone to design it that is experienced and has a good reputation. A bad plumbing design can cause you all kinds of headaches and you’ll have recurring troubles. Ask around and get recommendations from people you trust. You can also find ratings and reviews online to aid you in your decision.


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