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3 Benefits of Having a Professional Plumber | Roto-Rooter Baltimore

BaltimoreSome of the most appealing aspects of living in Baltimore, Maryland, include the variety of distinctive neighborhoods and the moderate climate. Indeed, The city has fairly average seasonal weather for a U.S. city.. It gets typical amounts of rain, snow and sunny days, plus its July highs and January lows are near the national mean (it is just a little warmer than average).

Even though there usually aren't too many meteorological curve balls to deal with in Baltimore, residents still have to be well-prepared for events such as flash floods and rising sea levels, which have become bigger issues in recent years.

Professional plumbing services are critical to recovering from floods as well as from occurrences like broken pipes and leaky appliances. Let's explore what you can get from a top-notch plumber in the Baltimore area:

1. Toilet repair and replacement

A toilet that is clogged or running all the time is a huge nuisance and usually a plumbing emergency. Using a plunger can help in some cases, but in others, the issue may be more deep-seated. There could be something wrong with the sewer line, or there might be a leak somewhere in your pipes that is wasting gallons of water per day.

In these situations, a professional plumber is a necessity. The cost the toilet and/or line repair will usually pay for itself in the amount of water it saves, not to mention the peace of mind it provides in the form of a well-functioning bathroom.

2. Floor drain cleaning

Floor drains are important mechanisms for clearing water out of basements and utility rooms. Unfortunately, they are prone to getting clogged as dirt and debris accumulate overs the years.

It can be tough to figure out exactly how a floor drain has been clogged. There could be something wrong with the trap inside, or alternatively, the problem may be farther down the line. You can try DIY methods of cleaning your floor drain a handheld auger (snake) and cleaning solution as first-line fix. If they don't work, it's a good idea to call a plumber so that they can bring the proper mechanical equipment to the job.

3. Help with frozen pipes

Baltimore's winters regularly feature below-freezing temperatures that can lead to frozen pipes. There are a few things to try to make sure that your pipes stay warm enough so that water can flow through them:

  • Open the cabinet doors that enclose your pipes so that warmer air can circulate near them.

  • Use heat tape or special cables to insulate any pipes that might be exposed to the cold.

  • Ensure that your thermostat is on and set to at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit and that the heat is working.

If pipes actually end up frozen, you can try using a hair dryer to unthaw them. Temporarily turning off the water main may also help. If those techniques fail, a professional plumber can provide the needed tools and expertise to get everything back in working order.

You never know when a plumbing issue might hit, whether it's a flood from an unexpectedly strong storm, or a problem with an old pipe in the house you just purchased. Your Baltimore Roto-Rooter professionals are available 24/7 to help you out of any jam and let you get back to living a normal life.

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