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Roto-Rooter is Boston’s Answer to Toilet Repair

Roto-Rooter is Boston’s Answer to Toilet Repair

Imagine this scenario: you’re entertaining coworkers at your Boston home and someone sneaks over to tell you your toilet has stopped working. There are a number of people in your home – eventually, one of them will have to use the restroom. While toilet emergencies tend to strike at inconvenient times (though what time is convenient, really?), Roto-Rooter has the perfect solution. Our Boston Roto-Rooter plumbers are available around-the-clock so the party doesn’t have to end early.

Reasons Your Toilet May Be Clogging

Everyone gets the occasional clog in their toilet, whether due to too much toilet paper being flushed, tree or plant roots creeping into the pipes or your kiddo dropping something down that shouldn’t be there. But for some people, the clogs are a continuous battle. If that’s you, there may be a deeper reason for your clogs:

  • Your toilet is old. If your toilet was manufactured before 1994, it’s time to upgrade to a newer model. In addition to fewer clogs, you’ll save up to $2,000 in water costs over the lifetime of the toilet with low flow flushing.
  • Your trap is blocked. While the trap between your bowl and drain line keeps the drain itself from clogging, it can become blocked by a variety of objects.
  • Your drain line is clogged. Objects and buildup over time and can prevent waste from moving through the line.
  • Your drain line may have structural problems resulting from deterioration or settling, which can occur over time.

For help fixing your toilet problem, you can call our Boston clogged toilet service or check out our DIY video.

How to Improve Toilet Performance

Every toilet will suffer wear and tear over time. Maybe you’re noticing that yours doesn’t flush as well as you’d like, or that your water bill is higher than it used to be. Here are few tips to improve your toilet’s overall performance:

  • Perform regular maintenance. Examine your toilet’s various parts, including the flush lever (which should be secured tightly to the tank wall), flapper, flush valve, tank ball, seat disc, seal, chain and more. Replacing any sort of broken or run-down parts before they cause problems is a great way to prevent leaks and other damage to your home’s plumbing system.
  • Check for leaks. Place a few drops of food coloring in the toilet’s tank and wait 15 minutes. If the food coloring has made its way into the toilet bowl, there is a leak. Repair leaks to reduce water usage—protecting the environment and saving on your water bill.
  • Replace your toilet or upgrade parts with low-flow options. This could significantly lessen the amount of water your toilet uses per flush.

Our Boston Toilet Plumbing Services

It doesn’t matter whether your toilet is clogged or leaking – or if you need the entire thing replaced. Roto-Rooter has more than eight decades of experience in plumbing, and a large chunk of our service calls involve toilet repair. Thankfully, because a non-working toilet often means an emergency, our Boston toilet plumbing services are available 24/7 – including nights, weekends and holidays.

So when you’re in a jam, call Roto-Rooter – one of the best Boston toilet plumbing companies – at 617-267-0033 or book an appointment online.

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