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Water Leaking Through Ceiling

If you have a leak in an upstairs bathroom it’s important find the source of the leak and stop the water flow as soon as you can. If not, your home will be at risk for major water damage. When you have water leaking through the floor from an upstairs bathroom and you’re not sure where it’s coming from, you need to check three plumbing fixtures: the toilet, the tub/ shower, and the sink

What to check for on each fixture:

Toilet The seal between your toilet and floor is called a wax ring. A faulty or worn-down wax ring can allow water to leak into your subfloor and ceiling each time a toilet is flushed. Bad wax ring symptoms include water on the floor near the base of the toilet and an unpleasant odor of sewer gas. If you do not see water on the floor around the toilet, a leak around the wax ring could be allowing water to leak straight into the subfloor.

Shower – If the leak is occurring while the water is running, the problem is most likely a damaged tile in the shower or the shower faucet behind the wall. If the leak continues even after the shower is no longer running, the leak is most likely coming from a water supply pipe inside the wall or the subfloor.

Sink A leaky sink is often the result of issues with the gaskets or washers in the faucet or drain assembly. Gaskets are a flat seal, usually rubber or plastic, between two surfaces such as the base of the faucet assembly and the vanity top. A washer is a circular seal used beneath screws in a faucet assembly. If either a gasket, washer or O-ring is worn down or damaged, they can allow water to leak because they’re no longer forming a secure seal.

Additionally, your drain assembly may also contain gaskets and washers at the connection points between pipes under your sink bowl. Check that these pieces aren’t loose, and be sure to tighten any loose connections to ensure a good seal.

If you cannot find the source of the water leak or have found yourself in over your head, we invite you to reach out to your local Roto-Rooter.  Our plumbing and water experts are fully trained and ready to fix any leak and prevent water damage.


Water Leaking