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3 Possible Causes of a Leaky Refrigerator

Are you noticing signs of a refrigerator leak?  If you have a leak in your kitchen, but you know that it is not coming from the sink or dishwasher, chances are your refrigerator is the culprit. Check underneath your fridge for signs of pooling water. If you are unsure of what is causing your refrigerator leak, here are three possibilities:

Water filter

If your filter is not installed properly, or the filter is old or doesn't fit correctly with your refrigerator model, chances are there is a poor connection between the filter and the water supply. To prevent your refrigerator from leaking, check to see if water is escaping due to holes in the filter. Also, check the size and model of both the fridge and filter to ensure it's a perfect match.

Drain pan

Examine the drain pan for any cracks, which is located at the bottom of the refrigerator. It's okay if you spot a tiny bit of water. However, if you notice a significant amount of pooling, chances are the pan has a crack and that's what is causing the leak. Replace the pan immediately if you notice any damage.

Defrost drain

One of the most common causes of a leaky refrigerator is a faulty defrost drain. When the defrost drain is blocked by food particles or ice, it prevents the water accumulated during the defrost cycle to properly drain into the pan. Eventually, water will start to build up. Without anywhere to drain, water will begin to flow right onto your floor. Remove any blockage caused by food particles or ice by flushing the drain with hot water and removing debris with a wire hanger.

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