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Quick Ways to Stop a Leaking Refrigerator

Ever notice a little pool of water gathering underneath your refrigerator? As much as we'd like our appliances to constantly be in tip-top shape, that's not always the case. Fixtures go on the fritz, but sometimes they're fixable. Here are some quick ways to stop a leaking refrigerator:

Replace the filter

Sometimes, all your refrigerator needs is a new filter. Over time, filters experience wear and tear, and eventually start leaking water. If you've had yours for awhile, it's time to replace it. Just head out to your local hardware store to pick up another. It should come with easy instructions on how to safely remove your old one, and replace it with the new fixture. This swap should fix your leakage issue.

Examine your defrost drain

Over time, defrost drains become clogged with various materials. Since they're located inside of the refrigerator (usually on the ceiling between your fridge and freezer), they're exposed to many different things. Examine the drain to see if there is any ice or food. coated on it. If it's ice, pour hot water down the drain to melt it. If it's food, use a handy tool or sturdy wire to clean out the entire area.

Check the ice maker

If water is forming underneath your appliance, it could be that something is wrong with your refrigerator's ice maker. Luckily, this is easy to fix. Shut off the water to that valve, which is normally located underneath the sink. If not, you probably can find it in your basement directly underneath the fridge. Turn off the flow of water to the ice maker so the puddle stops growing. Then, give your Roto-Rooter plumber a call to decide how to proceed.


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