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Why $99 Drain Cleaning Claims Don’t Add Up

If you’ve experienced a serious drain or sewer clog recently, you may have noticed online promotions advertising $99, $89, or even $69 “drain service specials” in your search results. These discount service specials certainly grab your attention – but take a closer look and you’ll frequently see that cheap drain service companies aren’t telling you the whole story.

Look out for these common bait-and-switch pricing ploys in sewer and drain cleaning service:

  • The discount pricing only includes the first 25 feet of pipe (or a similar length). Most sewers are significantly longer, meaning the actual cost will include higher-than-expected rates for each additional foot of pipe. In contrast, Roto-Rooter will never tack on additional fees. We’ll give you an accurate, upfront, in-person quote so you’ll know the exact cost before we begin working.
  • Other surprise costs like trip fees, stairway fees, equipment fees, longer cable fees, and overtime fees can quickly add up to several hundred dollars when you receive a final bill from those other guys. Roto-Rooter will never ding you with surprise costs. You’ll pay the quoted price whether it takes us 30 minutes or half a day to finish the job.

  • Incomplete drain service that only pokes a hole through the clog but leaves the pipe dirty and the clog mostly intact. That method temporarily restores drainage, but it leaves the bigger problem unsolved – setting up a cycle where the plumbing company can return later to charge you again, usually without a guarantee. At Roto-Rooter, we’ll get your drain flowing again and our expert drain cleaners will clean the entire length of the drainpipe, so clogs won’t quickly reform. And because Roto-Rooter always does a thorough job, we guarantee our work.

Since 1935, Roto-Rooter technicians have been the trusted experts in clearing millions of drains and sewer lines. Inventors of the drain cleaning machine, we proudly manufacture all our equipment in the USA. With unmatched expertise, no one understands sewer and drain cleaning better than us. While competitors may try to follow our lead, they lack the authenticity of genuine Roto-Rooter machines, transparent pricing, exceptional service, and rock-solid guarantees that have solidified our position as the premier plumbing & drain company.

*Some Roto-Rooter locations may charge trip fees, estimate fees, or after-hours service fees. Services offered, hours of operation, and guarantees may vary by location. Contact your local Roto-Rooter for details.



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