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Why Do I Keep Experiencing Clogs? | Roto-Rooter Philadelphia

Shower headClogged sinks are inevitable throughout your home, and if you don't deal with these minor issues from time to time, well, consider yourself lucky.

There are many reasons why a sink or main line gets backed up, one of which can be the age of your home. Old homes can become especially problematic for Philadelphia homeowners, considering the city itself is one of the oldest in the country.

Here are some reasons why your home keeps experiencing backed up showers, sinks and more.

Why clogs occur

The age of your home is a factor because old homes were built using pipes using a variety of different materials. Factoring in the pipe's angle to the main line and the overall structure of the property, clogs are prone to happen.

Why the main line is affected

The main line in your home is often connected to your shower, which can be a big source of clogs. From soap that doesn't dissolve to hair, this line has to be cleaned often. Main line clogs are usually more serious than if a kitchen sink is backed up. Even so, enzyme treatment can be the perfect solution.

However, sometimes it's the surrounding nature that leads to clogs. Tree roots can make their way into pipes, for instance. Removing trees can help cure the problem.

If your main line is constantly backing up, you'll want to contact the professional plumbers at your local Philadelphia Roto-Rooter.

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