How Do I Find Underground Leaks? | Roto-Rooter Lawrenceville
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How Do I Find Underground Leaks? | Roto-Rooter Lawrenceville

Underground pipeWater leaks are stressful - but what happens when you know there's water leaking from somewhere but you just can't find the source? You may notice that your water bill suddenly spikes from one year or month to the next, for seemingly no reason. This could be an indication that your pipes have sprung a leak.

Underground leaks are especially anxiety-inducing and can be expensive to detect and fix. Here are a few strategies you could follow when trying to figure out where that pesky leak is coming from:

Listen for abnormal sounds

When water is leaking out of your underground pipes, it may be accompanied by a number of strange noises. There is the obvious sound of running water that you may detect in your basement. In addition, you might hear a "hiss" or "whoosh" from vibrations along the pipes. The latter sound is a pretty good indication that there is, in fact, a leak somewhere.

Check the meter

One quick way to see if there is a leak involves turning the water in your home on and off and checking the meter to measure any changes. Follow these steps:

  • Turn the water off, both inside and outside your home.
  • Record the reading on the water meter. Make sure the water is still off. Then, record the meter after 15 minutes have elapsed.

If the meter recorded water use during the test, there could be a large leak.

Could it be your meter?

If your bill has gone up unexpectedly, but you can't find anything wrong with any other part of your plumbing, your pipes may be leaking at the meter. This issue would require professional assistance to remedy, either from your city water officials or from a certified plumber.

Contact the experts

If you're not sure whether or not there is a leak or you've done everything in your power to find it to no avail, it might be time to get in touch with the plumbing experts. Professional plumbers can conduct assessments of your property and help you get those pesky leaks fixed - so you can get your water bill back to where it needs to be.

Get in touch with your local Lawrenceville Roto-Rooter today for more information on how a professional, licensed plumber can help out if you have a leak.

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