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4 Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

Many chemical drain cleaners can clear a clogged drain quickly. However, there are many reasons why Seattle residents should avoid chemical cleaners at all costs, here are just a few:

Highly toxic

Chemical drain cleaners are not only high in toxicity but are an extreme health hazard. Chemical drain cleaners produce hazardous fumes that get released into the air. Fumes can linger for hours, creating irritation to your lungs, eyes, nose, throat and skin.  Chemical cleaners will not only incite a reaction in humans, your pets are just as vulnerable. Toxins end up in landfills and water supplies, which is harmful to both humans and the environment.

Damaging to your pipes

Chemical drain cleaners are harmful to your pipes. The hydrochloric acid in the cleaning solution is so powerful that it can eat away at your plumbing. Over time and with frequent use of chemical drain cleaners, holes can form in your pipes. These harsh cleaners also gradually eat away at the enamel on your sinks and bathtubs, causing even more damage and at some point, the additional cost of replacement parts. Curing a minor clog can turn into a much more costly plumbing emergency. See our helpful information online to learn more about effective yet safe cleaning alternatives with our recommended residential drain cleaning products.

Environmental impact

Residue from harmful chemical cleaners ends up in landfills and our water-supply system, causing both harm to the environment, humans and wildlife. When toxins seep through the soil, they are resurrected through bodies of water -that same water that gets consumed by you and your family. A simple solution of baking soda and water can attack that clogged drain the eco-friendly way without damaging our environment.

Septic system damage

Septic tanks utilize natural bacteria to help breakdown water. Chemical cleaners that are poured down the drain kill off these natural organic bacteria, making your septic system less effective. After frequent use of damaging cleaning agents, at some point your entire septic system will need to be cleaned to counteract the damage.

Call in the plumbing professionals

For non-toxic cleaning advice to help with clogged drains, septic repair and more – contact your experienced Seattle Roto-Rooter plumbing professional to assist with all your residential plumbing needs



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