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Main Sewer Line Problems in Your Florida Home

Main sewer lineThe aging sewage system in St. Petersburg, Florida, has caused a number of problems during rainy times of the year. The Tampa Bay Times reported the city is contemplating how to address sewage problems in the upcoming year. The city is working toward making a decision that will please and benefit everyone before the rainy season begins in the spring.

While there's not much that homeowners can do to ease the city's sewage woes, the problem calls attention to a crucial part of every house: the main sewer line. This important fixture is what carries waste water away from your home. Every homeowner is responsible for ensuring that his or her main sewer line is functioning properly up to the property line.,

Some common problems homeowners encounter with their main sewer line include:

Bellied pipes

The main sewer line is buried underground outside your home. When they're laid, they're typically on stable soil. However, soil can change over time. If the ground shifts or begins to sink around this area, it can create a crater that collects garbage and other waste.


Grease poured down the drain can easily cause a blockage. As it cools, it can solidify and create a clog. Another cause of blockage is an object that accidentally gets tossed or flushed down a drain.


Tree roots are incredibly resilient, able to move through or around most objects they encounter underground. Unfortunately, your main sewer line is no match to a strong root. Infiltrating roots can cause damage to or block your line.

If any of these problems are plaguing your St. Petersburg, Florida, home, don't wait until a small problem becomes a bigger one. Call Roto-Rooter right away.

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