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What is an auger?!

September 17, 2015

Every Colorado Springs plumber is familiar with one and now we will pass along the knowledge to you. An auger is a specially designed snake for toilets. It costs only about $15.00 and can be purchased at typically any hardware store. It has a rubber shield to protect the toilet from scratching unlike most other snakes and is most definitely a must for a do-it-yourself homeowner. Once you learn to use it, you can save yourself from extra plumbing service calls. 

They can be messy, but are very easy to use:

1. Insert snake into toilet bowl with the end pointing into the toilet.

2. Crank the handle clockwise and as you slowly push it into the toilet.

3. Continue rotating the handle until the clog is encountered/ the snake handle is rotated down against the protective sheath. 

4. If an object is encountered, the snake will try to snag it. Note: pull back on snake to retrieve object without turning the handle

This process may be repeated until the clog is cleared/ the item is retrieved. 

If an auger does not work you may have to remove the toilet from the floor and check the opening on the bottom for a blockage. Warning pulling the toilet off the  floor should only be done by mechanically inclined people. If you happen to drop the toilet it will shatter into a million pieces.

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