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Signs You Need to Replace Your Toilet

When it comes time to replace one of the most important fixtures in your home – your toilet, of course – do you know what to look for? You may have been able to remedy smaller problems in the past, like a broken flapper valve or chain, but what are some of the signs you might need to scrap the old fixture and get a totally new one?

Running toilet

A running toilet may be a sign of a broken flapper valve, which is easily replaceable, but what happens when you replace this part and the toilet continues to run? This could be a sign of a deeper problem with the toilet itself, especially if it is an older fixture.

Cracks in the tank or bowl

Cracks in pretty much any part of the fixture could mean serious money for repairs, and water on the floor could be a sign that it's time to go. To test for cracks in the tank, put dye in it and wait – the crack will become discolored as the dye seeps through, and then the leaked water on the floor will show color. If the bowl or tank is cracked, you have to replace them – there is no quick fix for this kind of problem.

Wasted water

Older toilets may not be the most efficient when it comes to saving water. It may be worth it for your utility bills sake to think about investing in a low-flush toilet that conserves water – relieving both the environment and your wallet. Toilets manufactured before 1980 can use up to seven gallons of water with each flush, as opposed to the newer models that use no more than 1.6 gallons for major flushing and less than a gallon for just flushing away liquid.

It needs too many repairs

Maybe all of the above is wrong with your fixture, maybe more. When it gets to the point when it seems like you're fixing something on your toilet every other day, and it still isn't working the way it should, you should consider purchasing a new one. It's just not worth the hassle of rebuilding the toilet piece by piece. If you replace every part of your toilet over a long period of time, is it still the original fixture anyway?

If you think your toilet may need to be replaced, don't hesitate to contact the experts at Roto-Rooter for a professional opinion today.



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