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A Urinal in A Residence?

I was talking with a neighbor the other day and he is finishing his "man cave," otherwise known as a basement. He told me he is planning to install a urinal in the new bathroom. This isn't the first time I've heard such a plan. Believe it or not the urinal idea is becoming a popular trend among bathroom plumbing solutions offered by various plumbing companies. It's not the most common residential plumbing job but a lot of guys think a personal urinal is a cool way to impress their buddies. 

What's the upside? Urinals make an easier target to hit for men. A guy can step right up to one whereas men often seem to miss a conventional toilet. One of Roto-Rooter's own plumbers, mentioned he has been questioned by several guys about what kind of plumbing services are required to hook up a urinal in the home.

The fact is that it is not difficult to put one in as new construction - as in my friend's man cave. Plumbing contractors simply have to make sure the water supply pipe and drainpipes are moved or extended to the right location. Mounting a urinal isn't particularly difficult either and any of the plumbing companies can handle the job. But you may want to think about three things: Your wife's reaction, whether or not a urinal will help or hurt your ability to re-sell your home, and cost. Many urinals can cost over $400 with some exceeding $1000, whereas a plain old toilet can by had for half that amount.



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