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My Toilet Slowly Overflows

My toilet slowly overflows from the flush handle opening over night, but during the day and evening this does not happen. Can you please help me with my plumbing problems?

Here's something to try. Take a little blue food coloring and put it into the toilet tank until the color of the water is blue. If the color of the water in the bowl turns blue, then your flapper is leaking.

If there is no blue food coloring visible in the bowl, then the water is running into the overflow tube in the center of the toilet from the fill valve. After the water shuts off, remove the 1/4 inch tube from the center fill tube and see if the water continues to drip from the fill tube. If it does, then the fill valve needs to be replaced.

In either case, the toilet is partially clogged or the vent is clogged because the bowl should not fill up and overflow even if the flapper and fill valve leak.

You may want to call one of your local plumbing companies to diagnose and fix your drain and plumbing problems.



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