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Charmin's Improved Flushability Caught Our Attention.

Charmin is clog safe, septic safe, and just as cushiony and soft as ever so you can still enjoy the go. That's why Charmin is Roto-Rooter approved! Our plumbers have tested Charmin in their homes to discover for themselves how flushable and clog-free it really is.

Toilet Flushing Facts:

Toilet paper is designed to quickly dissolve in water but products such as paper towels, cottons swabs, baby wipes, and feminine hygiene products should not be flushed.

  • To avoid toilet and sewer clogs, place a waste bucket in the bathroom for items that should not be flushed
  • Use less toilet paper with Charmin - Compared to other brands, you won't need as much Charmin to get clean
  • Keep the toilet lid closed to reduce the likelihood of items accidentally dropping into the toilet

Toilet paper cannot cause a sewer backup. The actual cause of a clog is usually

  • Tree root intrusion in underground sewers
  • Damaged or misaligned sewer pipe sections
  • Foreign objects in the pipes such as a child's toy, baby wipes, and feminine hygiene products

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