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3 Common Objects that Cause a Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet can be a real headache. Not only can a clog become an unsightly mess, but it can also cause problems for everyone in your home. While excess toilet paper is the most common cause for clogged toilets, take a look at three other reasons your toilet might be backing up:


Excess hair can often turn into a clog over time, which is why you should avoid flushing hair down the toilet, tub and shower drains. Place clippings and excess strands into the trash. Chemical solutions can typically unclog drains due to hair clogs. However, repeated hair buildup will probably require professional plumbing services to get your drain back in working order. Pet hair should also be tossed only in the trash as it is one of the most common causes of drain clogs.


Always avoid flushing leftover grease. Keep a sealable jar or old coffee can to store it. Once the container is full, toss it is the trash. Hardened fat from cooking grease presents challenges when it comes to the kitchen sink drain and garbage disposal. Much like hair, grease builds up over time in your drain lines and main sewer. After time, this sticky goo will halt all drainage.

Toys and other foreign objects

From small kids’ toys to the many times you have accidentally dropped things in the toilet, there are a variety of objects that can end up in your toilet drain. Often, you can use a plunger to retrieve these items. However, if foreign objects become lodged in the drain, call your Roto­-Rooter plumbing expert to remove the culprit and get your plumbing working properly again.  



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