101 Names for a Toilet | Roto-Rooter Blog

101 Names for a Toilet | Roto-Rooter Blog

Few things in our daily lives have as many names or nicknames as the humble toilet. Thursday, July 27th is the day we know as marks the 101st anniversary of Crapper’s death, we asked Roto-Rooter’s Facebook fans and other friends of Roto-Rooter to help us add to the list. So without further delay, here’s the list. Yes it’s the clean, potty-mouth-free list. We know there are “dirtier” names for it but this is for a family-friendly audience:






Big White Phone





10 Cesso

11 Cèsuŏ

12 Chamber Pot

13 Chiottes

14 Choo

15 Chunder Box

16 Cloakroom

17 Coalfabias

18 Comfort Room

19 Comfort Station

20 Commode

21 Convenience

22 Cloakroom

23 CR

24 Crapper

25 Crane

26 The Dunny

27 Dunnekin

28 El Baño

29 Facilities

30 Forakers

31 Gabinetto

32 Garderobe

33 Gardyloo

34 God  of Poo

35 Head

36 Hopper

37 House of Ease

38 House of Office

39 Huuschen

40 Il Bagno

41 Jakes

42 Jax

43 Jericho

44 Jerry

45 John

46 Johnny House

47 Karsy

48 Kamot

49 Khazi

50 Latrine

51 Lav

52 Lavatory

53 Lavvy

54 Little Boys Room

55 Little Girls Room

56 London

57 Loo

58 Long Drop

59 Necessarium

60 Necessary

61 Netty

62 Outhouse

63 Oval  Office

64 Pan

65 Porcelain Throne

66 Porcelain God

67 Po

68 Pool

69 Pot

70 Potty

71 Powder room

72 Place of easement

73 Privy

74 Reading Room

75 Restroom

76 El Retrete

77 Sanitarios

78 Seat

79 Los Servicios

80 Small house

81 Stool

82 S̄uk̄hā

83 Swanie

84 Thunder Mug

85 Thunder Box

86 Toilet

87 Toilette

88 Tualet

89 The Bogs

90 The Gents

91 The Ladies

92 The Office

93 The Smallest Room

94 Throne

95 Throne Room

96 Toire

97 The Vin

98 W.C.

99 Wash room

100 Water Closet

101 White Hart Room

Thomas Crapper

Drawn from languages of every continent, cultural vernacular and historical derivations, the list is a testament to Mr.Crapper’s legacy. Not surprisingly, the British, Crapper’s countrymen, came out on top with the most terms of reference. Thanks to all the Thomas Crapper Day enthusiasts who submitted entries on Facebook.

Yes, there are plenty more we can think of so the question remains, how many names are there for one of the most taken for granted luxuries ever to be invented?

We’re not saying Crapper invented the flush toilet. He didn’t. But he did further development of it and he held many important plumbing patents that made toilets and other plumbing work better and in a more sanitary manner. Thomas Crapper is without a doubt, worthy of a day in his name. Happy Thomas Crapper Day!

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