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Why is Your Toilet Running? | Roto-Rooter Arvada

A running toilet is usually a pretty easy fix.A running toilet is something that every homeowner has to deal with at one time or another. You may notice that your toilet is mysteriously running if you're in the bathroom to wash your hands, but many people only realize it when their water bill arrives and is much higher than usual. Luckily, you don't usually have to call a Arvada, Colorado plumber for these quick fixes. Here are some common causes of this household nuisance:

The flapper is broken

The piece of plastic that closes the hole that leads from the tank to the bowl plays a huge role in the functioning of your toilet. However, all of the time spent submerged in water can warp or break it, preventing it from sealing the hole properly. Residue and sediment, especially if you have hard water, can also limit its effectiveness. Try cleaning it off, and if that doesn't work, it may be warped and in need of replacement. Replacing the flapper is an inexpensive repair you can do yourself. The flappers and chains can be found at your local hardware store. Also, check out our video for a step by step tutorial.

You need to adjust the chain

The chain that's connected to the flapper is just as important as the flapper itself! It has to be a proper length to attach to the hole in the toilet and the lever that causes the toilet to flush. If it's too short, it may be preventing the flapper from fully closing, but if it's too long, the flow of the water could cause enough movement in the chain to open the flapper back up. Simply adjust the length of the chain, and if the chain isn't adjustable, get a new one that's the correct length.

If neither of these steps seem to fix the problem, you may have a leak in the toilet's plumbing. Reach out out to your local Arvada Roto-Rooter for leak detection and more.

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