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Keeping an Eye on Your Sewer Lines | Roto-Rooter Coquitlam

Tree rootsSewer lines are a major part of the plumbing infrastructure of every home. For this reason, homeowners should understand what is required of them in terms of maintaining these lines and what types of problems can occur if they don't take preventative measures. It's important to keep an eye on your sewer lines and to call a plumbing professional right away if you suspect that your system isn't operating properly.

Detecting a problem

In many cases, a clogged sewer line is easy to spot. A gurgling sound from the drains as well as water backing up out of a drain are major red flags that call for expert assistance. A professional plumber can determine if the clog is coming from the main sewer line or a secondary line. This distinction is important because the city takes care of sewer main maintenance, but homeowners are often held responsible for lateral sewer lines. This means that you will have to pay for any problems that happen to the lines around your property, unless it's the main itself.

Homeowners can sometimes get an easy answer to where the problem stems from. If only one appliance, like a sink, is operating ineffectively, but others are working fine, the issue is probably from the lateral lines. However, if all of your appliances are running or not draining properly, the main line is likely the complication. A professional plumber can locate your dilemma and suggest possible solutions to remedy it.

Wrangling roots

Invasive tree roots are the biggest cause of sewer line damage. If you do not take action as soon as possible root clogs can go from bad to worse. Not only can they cause a significant amount of damage, but they can also be challenging to fix. It's important to detect and address this problem right away, as tendrils can create cracks and fissures, and grow to be as large as the sewer line itself. There are a few ways to mitigate the root of the problem: digging up roots, chemical root removal and mechanically cutting the roots using traditional methods. All of these methods require special tools that can often be expensive to rent and difficult for first-timers to use. A mechanical auger, for example, can be used to cut the roots, but it may not focus on the full extent of the problem.

A plumbing professional is an absolute necessity in these situations. They not only have the skills and expertise required to handle root removal, they also have the tools necessary to do the job correctly and prevent roots from taking over the sewer lines. This will ensure that the problem is fixed the first time and that you can have peace of mind that your lines are protected from invasive roots.

Calling in the cavalry

Ultimately, sewer line issues aren't something that homeowners should be doing on their own. Attempts at DIY root removal can end up puncturing lines, causing cracks and leading to further issues down the road. Your best bet for these situations is to call your local Coquitlam Roto-Rooter professional plumbing expert to determine where the problem lies, gauge the extent of the damage and begin to fix the issue. Call your local plumbing professional for a consultation on tree root removal and sewer line maintenance issues.

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