3 Signs a Sewer Backup is Coming

July 11, 2016

Last Updated: February 28, 2018

Few household problems are more challenging, smelly and messy than a sewer backup.

Heavy rainstorms can contribute to backups in main sewer lines, especially if your municipality has combination sewers in which both sewage and storm runoff use the same pipelines. While wet weather is a contributor to the problem, it’s not the only one. Aggressive growth of tree roots inside broken or separated residential sewer pipes causes sewers to clog and household drains to backup.

Signs of Sewer Backup

But how can you tell whether your main sewer line is truly backed up? Three major signs of this problem are:

1. A foul stench coming from drains.
2. Two or more slow drains in the house. Often bathtubs or laundry drains are the first to exhibit signs of a clog.
3. If toilets exhibit unusually weak flushes, that’s a sign the sewer pipe is full and won’t accept more wastewater and is beginning to backup.

Find your local Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service location at rotorooter.com and have them send one of our expert service technicians as soon as possible if you’re seeing these symptoms in your home.

What You Can Do

Though backups and damage to a main sewer line may seem like a problem that is able to be put off onto the backburner, it absolutely is not. If sewer lines get choked off and are not promptly cleared of roots and other debris, raw sewage can back up into your bathtubs and sinks. Often, the backup becomes so severe that raw sewage can escape onto floors and carpeting causing significant collateral property damage. Since the main sewer line is the pipeline that carries waste away from all of your household drains to the sewage treatment plant, sewer maintenance and upkeep is especially important. Fortunately, sewer backup and damage to main sewer lines is something that can be fixed by an experienced sewer solutions specialist from Roto-Rooter. So, always be on the lookout for early signs of a sewer backup and call in a professional at the first sign of trouble. Don’t wait until you have a full blown sewer backup to take action.

Need to Call a Water Cleanup Professional?

If you're already dealing with water damage from a backed-up sewer, the plumbing and water cleanup professionals at Roto-Rooter are ready and able to help you.


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