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Water Heater Repair

The two plumbing sub-systems in your home bring in fresh water and take away waste water. The sub-system that brings in fresh water is the one that allows you to turn on a faucet and have cold water flow out immediately. In order to get hot water, you’ll need a water heater. If you have a water heater and you can’t get hot water, you need some fast water heater repair.

There are two main types of water heaters on the market today: conventional and tankless. A conventional water heater includes a tank for storing heated water until it is needed. The size of the tank depends on the water needs of the household, the most common holding between 20 and 80 gallons at a time. A valve at the top of the tank releases the hot water when you turn on the faucet, and cold water is brought in through a valve at the bottom of the tank, keeping the tank full at all times. Heating coils within the tank, powered by gas or electricity (although you can also find solar water heaters now), heat the water to the proscribed temperature and keep it warm until it is needed.

A tankless water heater heats up the water as it is needed. Instead of a big tank sitting in your utility closet or basement, a tankless water heater is attached to the wall. One type heats water for all the needs in the house, but you can also find tankless heaters called “point-of-service” heaters. These heat water for a specific location, such as the main family bathroom. You’ll have POS heaters at every spot where you will need hot water.

Conventional water heaters are less expensive to purchase than tankless water heaters, but the energy savings of a tankless system could end up saving you money over time. Whether you buy a water heater through us or have us install your water heater, you can trust our skilled, trained technicians to do a great job.

Life expectancy for a water heater depends on a couple things: what type it is and how well you keep it maintained. Conventional water heaters average about 11 years or so, so if you plan on living in your home for a long period of time, set aside some money to replace the water heater at some point. Tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years, if properly maintained. Hard water (water filled with dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium) will shorten the life expectancy of your water heater and soft water can lengthen it.

If you’re not getting hot water, the hot water takes a long time to arrive at the faucet, or your water heater is making strange noises, don’t hesitate to call us for your water heater repairs. We’ll be able to diagnose and repair problems quickly and efficiently.

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