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Check Your Outside Faucet for Leaks When Using Your Garden Hose

With summer approaching, many people will begin using their outside faucet to water the flowers, fill the swimming pool and/or wash the car. For people in areas that are hit by winter freeze, such as in Boston and Detroit, you may be in for a surprise the first time you pull out the garden hose. 

In the spring and summer months, Roto-Rooter receives many plumbing service calls for problems with homeowners' outside faucets. When the homeowner turns on their outside faucet it runs normal, however, when they connect their garden hose and try to use, water backs up into the pipe and leaks into the basement. These plumbing problems may be caused by the hose bib freezing in the winter, thus resulting in a crack in the line from the faucet. The crack is probably tight enough to prevent water when there is no backpressure, but the moment you put a hose on and increase the backpressure, it leaks into the house. Look into getting a new sillcock to correct this issue.

If the problem presists or if you would like help with this, Roto-Rooter provides 24 hour plumbing service. Our trained plumbers can help with your residential plumbing issues.

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