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Unusual Mysteries with Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters

Check out this Jason Hawes commercial about tree roots in the sewer line. Watch it now on the Roto-Rooter Video Library.

Check out this Jason Hawes commercial about tree roots in the sewer line. Watch it now on the Roto-Rooter Video Library.



Unusual Mysteries is brought to you in part by Roto-Rooter. Stories of strange creatures and unworldly beings have been reported by people of all cultures since the beginning of recorded history. And with so many credible sightings and stories from around the world, they can't all be hoaxes. I'm Jason Hawes and on this episode of Unusual Mysteries, we'll explore mounting evidence of an elusive monster that's said to migrate through sewers and pipelines, often wreaking havoc and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. These mysterious creatures been reported by people in urban settings and rural areas alike, with sightings throughout North America and even the most remote corners of the globe. This man doesn't want his identity revealed, but he's agreed to tell us what happened to him on an early September morning at his home near a heavily wooded area of Northern California. "We had a sewer backup, none of the drains would work. I tried everything, but this terrible sewage began backing up from the toilets. We finally called Roto-Rooter. The technician had these tools and machines, that I guess I'd actually heard about but never seen them myself. So the machine starts going through the pipes and then deep into our sewer. Then the cable must have hit something. It kinda jerked and then all the sewer water that had backed up into the house started draining out of the toilets and sinks. Pretty soon the Roto-Rooter guy pulled back his cable and there were all these pieces of something tangled on the end. It looked like fur covered in slime. It was unreal, it was just awful. I used to be a skeptic, but now I'm a believer. I know what I saw." These people you just saw are not alone. These images are not fakes. More and more homeowners are coming forward to share frightening tales of their own encounters with monster roots. Some are reported to be short and fat. Others have been measured at 40, 60, even 100 feet long. They start as minor tree roots looking for moisture. But soon enough, they grow to monstrous proportions and can fill an entire pipeline. Truth be told, I've had my own encounters with these monster roots. And as terrifying as they may seem, we studied them and we've learned how to beat them. With the right tools, training, and equipment, an elite Roto-Rooter technician can remove and destroy these beasts without harming their host trees. And when it's all over, toilets will flush, sinks will drain, and life gets back to normal. As if the monster root never existed. For Unusual Mysteries, I'm Jason Hawes.