April 25th is Hug A Plumber Day | Roto-Rooter

Remember the wedding ring your plumber retrieved from the pipes under your sink? You may have thought twice before embracing them to show your true thanks, but this April 25th, there's no need to reconsider! Celebrate "Hug A Plumber Day" this April 25th to thank your plumber for his/her services in your home or business. Roto-Rooter employees and plumbers nationwide have been anticipating the end of April for this holiday in which plumbers are embraced for their tireless work and skillful knowledge of the trade.

Whether they've come to install new plumbing fixtures or unclog your shower drain, give a hug to your plumber this April 25th to show your thanks for their skills and dedication to a job well done. A simple hug is all it takes to make your plumber's "Hug A Plumber Day."

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