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Watch our educational and entertainment videos – and learn about your plumbing system, or just smile along as we explore the mysteries and history surrounding "crappy moments" in time. With our wry and funny take on significant events, national holidays, and more, you can take a break with the pros at Roto-Rooter.

In addition to our collection of entertainment videos, we also offer a wide range of informational plumbing videos that can help you solve an issue at your home or business, as well as 24/7 plumbing services. Available 365 days a year, our team of professionals will be there to help you any time, day or night. Call 1-800-768-6911 for an appointment.

Why don't more guys know the unwritten rules of public restroom behavior? Is shaking hands in a public restroom ever a good idea? Bathroom etiquette seems to be a mystery for some guys. That's why the bathroom plumbing and water cleanup experts at Roto-Rooter created th Restroom Manners video series. Watch and share it with men who could stand to learn the rules.

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