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Winterize Your Plumbing Manchester NH | Roto-Rooter

Winterize Your Plumbing Manchester NHManchester, New Hampshire, is no stranger to snow. While it's pretty to look at and good for the ski slopes, the freezing temperatures that come along with snow can be bad for your plumbing. Any of the water supply pipes in your plumbing are susceptible to freezing, but it's likely you won't notice until you experience a water problem (no flow in a toilet or from a sink, for example).

These plumbing problems can lead to plenty of inconveniences for you and your family and are likely to result in costly repairs. The same frozen pipes that prevent you from taking that coveted hot shower in the frigid winter might burst before you even notice the problem. The water damage brought on by such a scenario will most likely be both extensive and expensive to fix. But the worst part is that you won’t know if a pipe has burst until the ice thaws and water starts spewing into the wall cavities in your home.

Instead of letting your plumbing fall victim to the cold winter temperatures, take the initiative to winterize your plumbing and protect it (and your wallet) this winter. Here are four things your Manchester Roto-Rooter plumber recommends:

Insulate your pipes

One of the easiest and most inexpensive measures to help prevent frozen pipes is to add a layer of insulation to your pipes. This tip is even more helpful in unfinished parts of your house or with pipes that are exposed to the cold air. If you live in an older place, a lot of your pipes may be out in the open. Cut pieces of foam pipe insulation to fit around all of the pipes you can access. Also, don't forget to check places in your home you don't frequent. That includes areas like the unfinished basement or even attics.

Check the furnace

Another form of insulation for your pipes can be the heating in your home. Keeping the air in your house warmer in the winter will help ensure that your pipes won't freeze, even when outdoor temperatures drop below freezing. Take a moment to make sure your heat is working properly. In the same vein, move anything that might be blocking a vent for hot air and keep sink cabinets open so that warm air can circulate around water pipes.

Double check your furnace to ensure it is working and change the filter once a month.

Leave faucets running at a trickle

Another helpful method to protect your plumbing and help prevent frozen pipes is to leave faucets running at a trickle, both hot and cold, during the coldest periods, when temperatures are consistently below freezing. This advice applies only to faucets and plumbing fixtures located along outside walls of your house. While you may be concerned about a spike in the water bill, the small increase pales in comparison to the costly plumbing repair and water cleanup costs you may incur as a result of frozen pipes.

Bring outdoor appliances inside

Anything you keep in your yard that uses water should be cleaned and stowed away for the winter. If you leave things like bird baths, garden hoses or garden fountains outside, their water will freeze and, most likely, damage them. And don’t forget to drain and winterize all sprinkler systems so they don’t receive damage from the cold.

These are just a few helpful tips that can help winterize your pluming and help prevent any unwanted and costly damage to your home. If you need further advice or need help winterizing plumbing for your Manchester, NH home call 603-669-9040 today. Your Roto-Rooter plumbing professional will be able to protect your plumbing at a very affordable price.

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