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Sewer Lines & Excavation in Wilmington, DE

Sewer lines play a crucial role in ensuring the safe transportation of wastewater to Wilmington’s municipal sewer systems and subsequent redirection to water treatment facilities. Sewer lines are often taken for granted until something goes wrong. A sudden drain clog or sewage backup can significantly disrupt a home or business.

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Roto-Rooter Sewer Line Repair Services in Wilmington

Roto-Rooter offers the following sewer line replacement and repair services in Wilmington:

  • Minimally invasive trenchless pipe repair that won’t disturb landscaping, sidewalks, and surrounding structures
  • Damaged pipe repairs, including broken, cracked, punctured, offset, bellied, or collapsed pipes
  • Removal of sewer line blockages and restoration of proper drainage
  • Corroded pipes repair or replacement
  • Routine sewer maintenance
  • Emergency responses to sewer drain clogs and backups
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Trenchless Technology

Traditional sewer line replacement in Wilmington requires heavy equipment, deep excavation trenches, and the disruption of landscaping, trees, sidewalks, or other structures above the sewer line. While excavation pits remain the most sensible sewer line replacement option in many situations, Roto-Rooter’s...

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Roto-Rooter: Your Trusted Source for Sewer Line Repair in Wilmington

Need sewer line replacement services in Wilmington? Roto-Rooter is the nation's trusted plumbing, drain, and water cleanup company, ready to help you with all your residential or commercial sewer problems. We provide sewer line unclogging, cleaning, and repair services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call us at...

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Customer Testimonials

Exceptional service, quick and easy. Very professional and we were up and running in no time. Jacob K
Just wanted to say thanks for the same day service as provided by Rodney. He was on time, did great work, and cleaned up what little mess he made. He was very friendly and knowledgeable about the equipment he installed. Glad he recommended the best equipment. Could not have asked for better service from your employee or service provider. Jay B


We have partnered with Synchrony Bank to offer financing options to make your plumbing repair expenses as convenient and stress-free as possible.

Comprehensive Excavation Services

Roto-Rooter offers sewer line replacement services to Wilmington residences and businesses. Many Wilmington sewer pipes are cast iron or clay pipes currently reaching the end of their projected 80-year lifespan. Some older homes may also use Orangeburg, a fiber conduit pipe made from hot pitch and wood pulp. Roto-Rooter replaces old sewer pipes with modern PVC sewer lines, providing trouble-free use for decades.

We understand the challenges associated with sewer line replacement in Wilmington and use industry-leading technology to minimize the disruptive impact of sewer excavation. We adhere to rigorous safety standards and regulatory guidelines throughout excavation projects and offer financing options to help you pay for replacement pipes over time.

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