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Call Roto-Rooter’s Reading Toilet Repair Plumbers for Expert Services

Call Roto-Rooter’s Reading Toilet Repair Plumbers for Expert Services

Reading, Pennsylvania is a prime location for a mixture of the vintage and modern – and plumbing is no exception. Whether you live in an older home or a new one, chances are you will eventually need toilet repair or installation services. And when you do, there’s no one better than Roto-Rooter’s Reading plumbers.

Clogged Toilets: An Easy Fix

Have a clogged toilet with the potential to overflow? Don’t worry – Roto-Rooter can help. While one of our Reading clogged toilet service plumbers can assist you, there are a few steps you can take to try unclogging the toilet yourself:

  • Lift off the tank lid and pull up on the float ball to keep the toilet from overflowing.
  • Shut off the toilet’s water supply by turning off the valve located at the base of the toilet.
  • If necessary, use a bucket to bail out some of the water from the tank or bowl.
  • With a toilet plunger (yes, there is a difference), give the toilet 2-3 strong plunges, pulling back from the plunge forcefully.
  • Repeat the plunging until the toilet drains.

The Hazards of a Leaking Toilet

Did you know? A leaking toilet can be just as detrimental to your plumbing system as a clogged one. While they may not always keep you from using your toilet, over time they can be the cause of unseen damage to your plumbing system and toilet fixtures. They can also cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year in additional water usage on your utility bill. In order to conserve water, be sure to repair your leaking toilet immediately.

If you do have a leaking toilet, fixing it can be as simple as replacing the flapper valve or fill valve. Sometimes, however, an older toilet may need to be replaced. If you’re unsure about the best fix for your situation, call for one of our experienced Reading toilet repair plumbers to provide professional assistance.

Our Reading Toilet Plumbing Services

It makes no difference whether your toilet is clogged, leaking or in need of replacement – Roto-Rooter can get the job done. Our plumbers are available 24/7, every day of the year, so you’re never without the assistance you need, when you need it. When it comes to Reading toilet plumbing companies, no one beats Roto-Rooter.

Need an expert? Call Roto-Rooter at 610-750-8760 or book an appointment online at your convenience.

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