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Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters made its TV debut in 2004 and is still going strong.

Catch Ghost Hunters on the Syfy Channel Wednesdays at 9pm EST / 8pm CST.

Ghost Hunters

Jason Hawes is the star of Ghost Hunters. He and his former TV partner, Grant Wilson, were working their day jobs at Roto-Rooter and doing part-time ghost hunting in 2003 when they got the idea to pitch a reality TV series to the networks. Ghost Hunters immediately found a huge audience, and in the process, Jason and Grant became Roto-Rooter’s most famous brand ambassadors. Grant left the TV show in 2012 and subsequently retired from Roto-Rooter to pursue a variety of interests. He and Jason remain great friends.

The question we get most often is: “Does Jason really work for Roto-Rooter?"
The answer is yes. Jason has been employed with Roto-Rooter since early 2002 and he is still a valued member of our team.


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