The Purpose of a Sump Pump

Does your basement flood after a large storm? Is it always damp due to moisture underground? Along with leaving your basement feeling musky, clammy, and uncomfortable all around, excess moisture can also quickly lead to mold, mildew, and a number of other bacterial problems that will negatively affect your home, your possessions, and even your health.

Leaking and flooding in your basement or crawlspace can lead to foundation damage over time, which will in turn lead to costly repairs in the future. If the flooding problem is not addressed right away, then these resulting consequences will only continue to occur and worsen over time.

To reliably fix the problem, ensuring that basement flooding will be a thing of the past, consider looking into a professional sump pump installation. Sump pumps work by gathering any excess water in your home into a ditch (also known as a sump pit) that has been installed in your basement floor. Once the water hits a predetermined level, the sump pump will automatically dispose of the water by transferring it out of your home into a local sewer drain. This will help to not only protect your home, but also to improve its overall aesthetical and nominal value.

Finding the Best Solution for Your Needs

During your free estimate with Roto-Rooter, we will assess the problem to determine which course of action can best meet your needs. We can not only recommend the right sump pump for your home or business, but can also provide you with more information on how to properly maintain you sump pump to ensure that it continues to reliably meet your needs for years to come. We can also professionally install your sump pump for you to ensure that it is properly installed to further its aesthetic and functional properties.

A basement or crawlspace flooding or leaking problem is not only a nuisance. It can actually pose a danger due to its effect on the indoor air quality. It can also lead to huge repair costs when it destroys your possessions or property, not to mention the investment of time and stress associated with the cleanup that ensues after a flood in the basement. Therefore, it is crucial that you call us as soon as possible so that we can quickly provide you with the solution you need to take care of the problem once and for all.