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3 Tricks for Retrieving Items from the Garbage Disposal

You're standing over the sink washing some veggies and all the sudden you look down and notice your wedding ring is missing. Uh oh, it must have slipped off and slithered its way down the garbage disposal. Your heart stops as you let out a huge gasp, and perhaps shed a few tears because there is no way you're going to stick your hand down there.

Don't fret, because with our handy tricks, the battle between the ring and the garbage disposal ends here. But if you're still unsure about fishing it out yourself, give your local Roto-Rooter professional a quick call.

First things first, it is extremely important to always use caution when you go to retrieve anything from the garbage disposal. Before sticking your hand or a tool down there, completely turn the power to the disposal off, as well as the main water supply to stop the flow.

Here are three tricks for fishing your belongings out of the garbage disposal

1. Grab a magnet

Before you proceed with this trick, make sure you are dealing with metallic items only or else you'll be fishing around your disposal for days. To retrieve that ring, tie a long piece of string around a heavy-duty magnet and slowly lower it into the garbage disposal. Use those fishing skills and wiggle the magnet around a bit. You just might have some luck!

2. Use kitchen utensils to retrieve nonmetal items

Use a flashlight to locate nonmetal items that may have fallen down the disposal. Should you see anything, try to retrieve it with tongs, wooden spoons or another long kitchen utensil. Whatever you do, avoid sticking your hand down there - it's sharp!

3. Check the P-trap if all else fails

If the magnet trick didn't work and you aren't able to locate your missing artifact by looking down the disposal with a flashlight, chances are it made its way to the P-trap. This is the curly pipe located under the sink - the one that closely resembles a P. First, completely turn of your main water supply. Place a bucket underneath the P-trap to to keep your rescue from becoming a mess. Proceed by unscrewing the slip nuts on either side of the P-trap. Next, carefully remove the pipe and empty the contents into the bucket.

If you believe the item is in the P-trap, but aren't comfortable taking it apart yourself, contact your local Roto-Rooter professional today.