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Six Common Mistakes You Make When Operating Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are not all created equal. Some are loud, undependable and barely do an adequate job. Others are quiet, reliable and built to pulverize bones and seeds. So for a plumbing repair company like Roto-Rooter, it can be challenging to create a set of do’s and don’ts for garbage disposals when their capabilities vary so greatly from model to model.

But when The Washington Post approached me recently for some garbage disposal tips for their helpful pre-Thanksgiving article titled “Six common mistakes you make when operating your garbage disposal,” I gave them solid advice based on the lowest common denominator, which is to say the least capable, builder-grade model since that’s the most common type of garbage disposal equipping American homes.

As the Post article points out, “your garbage disposal is headed into crunchtime” because of Thanksgiving. The heavy meal preparation associated with Thanksgiving celebrations will run most disposals through their paces. Some of these appliances will rise to the challenge but many cannot. Worse, an underperforming disposal often leads to clogged kitchen sink drains and sewers that a homeowner may not be able to fix with plunger and drain chemicals.

The day after Thanksgiving is Roto-Rooter’s busiest day of the year and clogged kitchen sinks and jammed garbage disposals are a big reason why. We encourage you to follow the tips in the Post’s article. And if you need a simple reminder, why not print off our What Goes Down the Drain infographic and tape it to the inside of your kitchen sink cabinet door to serve as a reminder of what can and should not go into a garbage disposal.

Furthermore, if your disposal does jam on Thanksgiving, watch this how-to video to see if you can clear the jams and clogs on your own before calling us for help. But if you need Roto-Rooter service, we’ll be ready to help when you need us. Just call 1-800-GET-ROTO or schedule service online.