Great Faucet Repair Tips: Roto-Rooter

Plumbing is the part of the house that we often times don't want to think about. Out of sight and out of mind, faucets quickly start to leak, pipes clog, and drains work less and less efficiently. With these problems happening to people everyday, Roto-Rooter has been there to help millions of customers clean up the mess and fix the problem. While we are here to help during emergencies, we also offer the information you need to maintain your plumbing and prevent serious problems from arising using simple tips and ideas. Whether you want to learn faucet repair or simply need to clean a drain, our online resources can get you started in the right direction.

One of the most common plumbing repairs that we perform is faucet repair. While it is the most common it is also one of the easiest problems to fix. The key to successfully repairing a leaky faucet is to do it right away. Water is erosive and can damage a faucet even further over time and eventually leave it completely irreparable. As soon as you notice drips starting, get to work to salvage your faucet head or else you might need to buy a new one completely.

Drippy faucets that go unrepaired are expensive issues. Every month a leaky faucet can waste about $20 worth of water and even more if it is hot water leaking. Multiply that by 3 or 4 leaky faucets and you are looking at a lot of money literally going down the drain.

When you turn the faucet off, a washer falls into place that sits against the seat and actually completely seals off the flow of water. If for any reason that washer moves it can result in drips and even full on leaks. Upon disassembling the faucet head, look at the washer and make sure that it fits perfectly back into its original position. If for some reason you find that it is warped, take the entire head in to a local Roto-Rooter or hardware store and find a new washer. Only a perfect match will work, otherwise you will be dealing with drips again. Also, when replacing the washer, make sure that it is material that can handle both hot and cold water. If not, your new washer will warp again and lead to the same problem if not worse in the not too distant future.

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