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Hands Free Faucets – Right for you?

While we have seen hands-free faucet technology in commercial spaces for a while, there is now a real demand in residential spaces as well. Roto-Rooter’s infographic is designed to help you weigh the benefits of touchless and hands - free faucets to see if they are right for your home.

Hands Free Technology – The Benefits

hands free faucets

One of the most obvious benefits of a hands free faucet is germ prevention. Since over 80% of infections are spread through touch, the innovative hands-free technology will reduce the spread of germs and the potential of getting sick – all year round.

Touchless faucets save you valuable time, are easy to use as well as energy efficient. Being automated, your touchless kitchen faucet will control the amount of water being used, running only when prompted. Designed with specific temperature and flow rates, your touchless faucets will reduce the time spent getting the water to the correct temperature or pressure.

Hands free faucets reduce our water use, lessening our consumption of this valuable resource and reducing our impact on the environment.

Whether you are washing your dishes or brushing your teeth, your hands-free faucet will end up saving you money on your utility bill.

Let Roto-Rooter advise you on whether hands-free is a good option for your home. Call the plumbing professional you can trust. With over 80 years of experience, we are here to address all of your residential plumbing needs

Whether you are interested in hands-free technology or you are drawn to more traditional water fixtures, to understand more about your home plumbing, see Roto-Rooter’s online tips and plumbing basics. Our online resources offer more detailed information and videos designed to help you to maximize your plumbing’s efficiency throughout your home.