Quick, Effective Fixes for Your Leaky Kitchen Faucet

Want to get rid of that annoying, drip, drip, drip of your faucet? Good news: There are ways you can do this yourself. Although this problem may seem small, it can actually cause bigger issues down the road, like increasing your water bill or growing mold. Here are a few quick ways to fix your leaky kitchen faucet:

Replace the seal

First, shut off your water supply to the sink. This step is vital in protecting your home from water damage while you work. Then, you can move on to the main repairs. A typical issue that could be causing your leak is a worn-out rubber gasket or seal that's located inside the valve. Replacing this piece should fix your problem, but you may have to disassemble your faucet to reach it.

Dirty aerator

The aerator could also be a reason that you are experiencing a leak in your faucet. Take a look at it, and see if there are any particles surrounding it. If so, remove them, and see if the leak is gone. Keep in mind that the nozzle could also be loose. If so, use a wrench to tighten it, and see if the spigot is still leaking.

Invest in a new one

If your leaky-faucet problem persists after trying the quick fixes above, it may be time to purchase a new fixture altogether. Faucets experience a lot of wear and tear over time, especially the ones found in your kitchen. Buying a new one will definitely solve your problem. And if you decide to buy a new one, consider the many new options available to you, including hands-free faucets for the home.

Call a professional

Sometimes, the issue might be out of your hands. If your faucet isn't old, and you've tried fixing it, it could be a bigger issue with your plumbing. Don't hesitate to call Roto-Rooter. We'll send out a professional and experienced plumber to take care of your kitchen faucet repair.

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