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Weekend Plumbing Projects | Roto-Rooter Reading

Mix up the things you do while at home. Your home's plumbing can always use some tinkering or fixing up.

You're in luck because the following projects won't require much effort or time, but will help improve the house's plumbing.

Replace metal with plastic

Plastic pipes are generally better and more reliable than metal ones. With copper being the notable exception. Copper is reliable and won’t contaminate water - but it is expensive and can be cost prohibitive for many budgets. Lead pipes present a clear and present danger to anyone who consumes the water that flows through lead pipes. If you have lead water pipes, consult with a licensed plumber to determine the most cost effective way of replacing them.

Cast iron pipe eventually rusts out, and over time the inside diameter of the pipe gradually becomes narrower as rust builds up until water flow stops altogether. So if you have an older home with water pressure or water delivery problems, your cast iron water pipes may be the cause.

If your water pipes develop leaks, plastic pipe and flexible PEX pipe are far easier to repair than metal pipes.

Unclog the shower or sink

Plunge your sinkThere are many ways to deal with clogs in a sink or shower. You can try straightening a wire coat hanger then bending a small hook on one end. Push it down into sink, tub or shower drains and twist it around. Watch this video to see how it’s done. Pull back the wire and see what you’ve got on the end. Chances are good that you’ll have captured a big hair ball. Repeat until you’ve gotten it all. Once you’ve cleared the drains of large obstructions, try this baking soda and vinegar remedy to clean the drainpipe.

For more difficult unclogging procedures, consider using a wet/dry vacuum. Simply cover the overflow hole of a sink then hold the end of the wet dry hose over the entire drain opening. Turn on the wet/dry vacuum and suck out the clog. This method works best on bathroom sinks with clogged P-traps. It is less effective on clogs that are located deeper inside drain lines.

When all else fails, use a sink plunger to push clogs through the pipe and into the main sewer. Watch this video to learn more ways to unclog a sink.

Most of those tips can be completed in a weekend, but if you encounter more severe difficulties, call your local Reading Roto-Rooter right away.

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