Things You Should Never Put Down Your Disposal in Fall

The Fall season brings all sorts of fun social gatherings that involve food. Unfortunately, those foods are usually the kind that can clog up your garbage disposal and kitchen sink drain. We ought to know, we unclog more drains and disposals that anybody.

So watch and learn what NOT to put down your disposal this fall if you want to avoid clogs. It all begins with Halloween jack-o-lantern carving. The pumpkin guts (pulp), or as we like to call it, natures glue, can really gum up the works!

When Thanksgiving arrives, people prepare big meals and in the process they put greasy turkey scraps and cooking oils down the disposal. Bad idea! And all the Thanksgiving side dishes are big clog makers too. We're talking about the starchy stuff like potato peels, pasta and rice. Starches like these turn to a gooey mess down in your drain.

The knockout blow to your garbage disposal might just be the fibrous stuff that really give strength and mass to a drain clog. We're talking about celery scraps, onion peels and poultry skin.

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