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Don’t Give Up on Your Soggy Carpeting Just Yet

A running toilet can happen to anyone. Some toilet repair can easily be completed by yourself at home. Here are four simple tips to repair a running toilet:

Adjust the fill tube

Open the lid of the tank and locate the fill tube. Look for a small, rubber tube running from the fill valve to the overflow tube. The flexible tube refills the toilet bowl with water after you flush. If the tube is broken or doesn’t lead to the overflow tube, your toilet will not refill with fresh water – causing a weak flush. Firmly re-attach the fill tube onto the fill valve. Flush your toilet to ensure that water is now properly running down the overflow tube.

Uneven or tangled flapper chain

If you notice you are unable to flush your toilet, you could potentially have an issue with the flapper chain. If the flapper chain is tangled or too short, the flapper won’t close, causing water to leak into the toilet. If the chain is too long, the flapper will be unable to expand wide enough and remain open throughout the entire flush. Simply adjust the chain, leaving only a bit of slack when the lid is closed.

Inadequate water level

Open the toilet tank lid and you will notice a rod with an adjustable float attached to it which controls the tank’s water level. The float may be set too high or too low. A low float results in a weak flush. If the float is set too high, water will flood the overflow tube and the valve won’t shut off, causing a continuous stream of water running. Consistent water waste will end up costing you on your water bill.

The float should be placed about 1 inch below the top of the overflow tube. Adjust the float by pinching the clip and sliding the float up or down the rod until it hits the 1- inch mark to set the water level. Flush the toilet and see if water reaches and stops at the recommended height to ensure that the water level is stable. If you are still having issues after adjusting the float, the float might need replacement.

Flapper replacement

If you have examined your fill tube, flapper chain and water level and you are still hearing a running noise from your toilet, you might need to replace the flapper. The flapper is made of rubber so overtime, it will naturally wear out, accumulate build up and need replacing. To replace your flapper, your toilet’s tank must be completely drained. Close the water valve followed by a few flushes. Water will not refill in the bowl if your valve is properly closed. Remove the old flapper by removing it from its hinge. To properly locate the flapper – it is the plastic material that is attached to the rod. Disconnect the flapper from the chain and replace it with the new part. Once the part is replaced, fully open the water valve, flush your toilet a few times to ensure that the chain is at its proper length.

Call in the plumbing professionals

When DIY is enough and plumbing service is needed, contact our Roto-Rooter plumbing professionals for prompt service 24/7 including holidays – when you need service most.