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What is ROTOGreen?


Roto-Rooter reaches more customers than any other plumbing repair company in the U.S. or Canada so we believe our conservation efforts can influence and inform a great number of people. We are committed to conserving water and repairing broken sewer pipes that allow dangerous sewage to leach into the ground, sometimes contaminating fresh water supplies. As plumbers, one of our responsibilities is to prevent diseases from reaching our water supplies, oceans, rivers and lakes. The ROTOGreen program brings advanced, water-conserving products to the forefront for both residential and commercial properties.

Our Plan

Roto-Rooter's ROTOGreen program makes it easy for our residential and commercial customers to go green, conserve water and save money on utility bills. Our plan takes a simple but effective approach to conservation.

We can have an immediate impact on water usage by making existing toilets, sinks and showers as efficient as they can be, and when new fixtures are required, we recommend those that meet or exceed the EPA's WaterSense standards.

We're making smarter choices and we invite our customers to do the same. Roto-Rooter compared its standard replacement plumbing parts and fixtures with the latest water-saving parts. Wherever possible, we replaced our inventory of parts with "green" ones that use less water without sacrificing quality, durability or customer comfort. In almost every case, the green parts cost the same or less than our old parts and that means our customers won't pay more to go green!

Are we doing enough? No way. But we feel we're off to a great start. Roto-Rooter is learning how to be a greener plumbing company and we're committed to bringing smart green products and services to the market as quickly as possible. We welcome your suggestions on how Roto-Rooter can become a greener company offering greener services.

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*Roto-Rooter’s ROTOGreen program is available at participating Roto-Rooter locations. All products and services available may not be available from every location.