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3 Ways to Keep Your Basement Dry

While a heavy rainfall is great for nourishing your garden, it's not so great if water starts seeping into your basement and could potentially cause significant water damage. Water soaking into your home’s foundation can be disastrous and annoying. Doing a few odd ball precautionary tasks can greatly deter your chances of a flooded basement..

Here are three preventative measures to keep your home dry from the bottom up.

Seal the cracks

Cracks or holes in both the floors and walls of your basement are major sources for leaks that cause water damage. Fractures occur in three situations: if the house starts to settle, if too much water pressure is coming in from the outside or if your home was poorly constructed. Poke around your basement and check for any cracks. To control the leaks, seal the cracks and holes up with a waterproof mixture or something stronger like a cement coating and this will help prevent a flooded basement..

Preserve your home's exterior

To prevent water damage, it's important to keep tabs on every inch of your home, including the outside perimeter. Oftentimes, a basement leak originates from the outside and makes its way in. For starters, check your gutters and  downspouts to rid them of any debris such as leaves or sticks. If your gutters become clogged, there is no escape route for the rain. The foundation becomes surrounded by pools of water, which then seep through any cracks and windows wells and trickle into your basement. Additionally, be sure your downspouts are directed away from your house or you may end up with a flooded basement.

Check the sewer pipe

Once you have checked for cracks and holes on both the inside and outside of your home, and something still seemed off. Chances are the leak is hidden, meaning you can expect a cracked sewer pipe. This type of leak typically appears when the drain is carrying wastewater. Signs to look out for are a slow drain, a gas odor, and  stains or mold on basement walls and ceilings.

If you have a flooded basement and are looking for a water damage restoration service, contact your local Roto-Rooter professional today.