Four Trends in Commercial Faucets

When it comes to bathroom fixtures in your commercial building, there's a fine balance you hope to strike—that between what is affordable and what is quality. In particular, when customers and employees will be using the sink at your facility or store, it's important to have commercial faucets that are attractive and convenient. It's also nice if these commercial faucets promote a better bottom line. Check out the following four trends in commercial faucets to get the latest scoop on which trends to track and follow:

  • Highly efficient. It may come as no surprise that people in general tend to be wasteful when it comes to water. It's vital that we conserve our water as much as possible through initiatives that encourage fixing leaky faucets and other sustainability measures. One of these measures is to purchase Watersense commercial faucets for all of your facility's sinks. These low-flow alternatives will use less water and help your business become more environmentally friendly.

  • Bacteria-killing. Certain commercial buildings, especially hospitals and doctors' offices, could benefit from following this trend. Antimicrobial copper-alloy touch surfaces on commercial faucets can help to kill bacteria and reduce infection—always a helpful thing when multiple people will be using your sinks throughout the day.

  • Motion-activated. While this is nothing terribly new, more industrial buildings are being fitted with commercial faucets activated by motion. This is not only more sanitary—since people don't have to touch the same faucet thousands of others have touched—but it uses less water than conventional faucets because the water isn't left running when hands are not actually being washed.

  • Ceramic disc faucets. These commercial faucets use two fire-hardened discs that move in such a way as to create a water seal. This means valves have to be replaced less often because they're more durable and impervious to mineral buildups and line debris.

If you're looking to upgrade or replace your commercial faucets, follow these trends to find the faucet that offers the eco-friendly, functional features that fit your facility the best. Start shopping today!