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Protecting Your Seattle, Washington, Home During the Game

Football season is coming, which means the game is right around the corner. There's not much more traditional than watching the game on a large screen surrounded by your friends and family. If you're the one hosting, your to-do list may be quite extensive. There are food and drinks to shop for, tables and chairs to bring out of storage and lots of cleaning tasks to tackle. You might have a lot on your mind, but there's one more thing you should add to the list: your plumbing.

Parties, no matter how big or small, can make a huge impact on the pipes and fixtures in your home. Here are some of the ways you can protect the plumbing in your Bothell, Washington, home while hosting the game.

Be wary of you garbage disposal

Garbage disposals can be extremely helpful for tossing out food scraps. They're a better alternative to throwing waste in your trash, which can quickly make your kitchen start to smell. While this appliance comes in handy, though, it also requires the utmost care. For example, there are plenty of items that shouldn't be tossed down the drain. For instance, never throw down any kind of fibrous materials like lettuce, carrots or any skins of vegetables. If you're cooking with grease, be sure not to pour the liquid version of it down the garbage disposal. Grease can harden and block your drains. Any kind of grain that increases in size as it mixes with water should be kept away from this appliance, too. You may be ordering some chicken wings for your party - they are a classic American football staple, after all - but be sure that no bones get thrown into your garbage disposal. Any of these food or non-food items could back up your plumbing.

Keep an eye on your toilets

Having people over means your plumbing is going to be used a lot more than normal. And while a day of festivities might not have a lasting effect on your fixtures, there are still precautions that need to be taken. If you're hosting a party, you might have guests who are new to your home. If that's the case, ensure they know not to flush miscellaneous items down the toilet. Things like tampons, paper towels, napkins and matches should be put in the trash. All of these things can potentially clog sewer systems and back up your toilet. In addition, they can also be harmful to the environment because they don't break down properly.

You might be running around at your party refilling chip bowls and ice buckets, but try to remember to periodically check on the bathrooms. Make sure you have extra rolls of toilet paper available and accessible. In addition, check on the state of the water in your toilets. That way, there's less of chance you'll be dealing with overflowing or clogged toilets when your guests leave for the evening.

DishwasherCheck on the state of your dishwasher

Between appetizers, dinner and desserts, dirty dishes are inevitable. For that reason, be sure to see if your dishwasher is running smoothly. Do a couple of test runs of dirty dishes to see if they're coming out clean. If they're still unwashed after the load, it can be because of several reasons. First, check to make sure you're using enough soap. If they still are dirty, it could be an issue with your dishwasher or the water pressure. If your water heater isn't working, the plates won't come out clean. The same is true if one of your dishwasher's mechanisms is out of order. Luckily, your local Roto-Rooter plumber could fix either of these issues. Be sure to give a plumber a call to come check out the problem and fix it in a jiffy.

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