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Bathroom Etiquette for Women

Roto-Rooter’s infographic offers simple tips and rules for bathroom etiquette for women. While some suggestions may seem obvious, others may not. Follow these simple tips for restroom etiquette that will make everyone proud.

  • Toilet paper- If you find yourself using toilet paper as a seat protector, just make sure that everything is flushed before exiting. Cleaning up after yourself is a key component to having proper bathroom etiquette.
  • Using the toilet – If you use the hovering technique while going to the bathroom, just make sure that you leave the toilet in the condition you found it. Leave the bathroom area clean, without waste, while always remembering to clean up after yourself.
  • Unwanted visitors- No one wants to be the subject of commentary or prying eyes while using the bathroom. Letting your little ones know the bathroom rules ahead of time is ideal for encouraging wonderful restroom etiquette. Let your toddler know that playing peak-a-boo in the stalls is not to be encouraged.
  • Watch what you flush: Remember to never flush feminine hygiene products down the toilet which could potentially cause a clogged toilet or overflow situation. Treat a public bathroom in the same way you would treat your own- with care.

*See Roto-Rooter’s helpful online plumbing basics for more detailed information about  bathroom plumbing and preventative tips.

womens restroom etiquette

Bathroom Rules - Additional Tips

While some bathroom rules seem obvious, there are a few others that are easy to implement and make your (and those around you) visit more enjoyable. Remember these simple tips for excellent restroom etiquette:

  1. Get off of your cell phone. No one wants to hear your personal calls, especially in the bathroom. Cell phone use should be off limits will using the bathroom

  1. If someone in a neighboring stall is out of toilet paper- remember to share. Helping anyone in need always makes for excellent etiquette.

  1. When looking to see if a bathroom stall is occupied, always look for feet (rather than pushing on the stall door) and making the occupant uncomfortable.

  1. To keep lines from forming in the bathroom, keep your personal grooming and talking to a minimum- everyone will thank you for it.

See Roto-Rooter’s helpful infographic for more information on proper bathroom etiquette for women. Whether in a public restroom or your home bathroom environment, remember that good bathroom rules never go out of style.

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