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Why Little Leaks Can Cost More Down the Road | Roto-Rooter Newport News

Leaking pipes can cost more over time.Leaks are a significant problem for any homeowner, but some cases may be worse than others. Here are a few reasons why little leaks may cost more down the road:

Water expenses

Water is a necessary resource, and it can become costly when wasted. Leaks can waste gallons of water a day, amounting to hundreds of dollars a week depending on the size of the leak and the water pressure. If you allow the leak to go on, this could result in thousands of dollars added to your monthly water bill. So before you think that a little drip is normal, consider how much it will be costing you.

Harder to detect

When a pipe bursts or is visibly leaking, it's likely going to be discovered and addressed immediately. A little leak within your toilet or even your sink may generally go unnoticed for a long time. This means that the longer your leak goes on for, the more water is wasted, and that can end up costing you. It's important to check your fixtures regularly and to make any adjustments, even if it's a small drip.

Damage over time

If a leak lasts for awhile, not only will this incur water costs, but it could also cause water damage to your home. Pipes within the walls may start to leak, and can lead to mold and other damage to your flooring and fixtures. This is a significant issue as it can become very expensive very quickly, making it necessary to minimize the damage as quickly as possible.

Leaks can cost you a lot if you don't catch them or address them fast enough. If you need help detecting or fixing a leak, call your local Newport News Roto-Rooter professional today.

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