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Mooresville garageThe town of Mooresville, North Carolina, is known to many around the country as Race City USA. As the home of numerous NASCAR teams and other motorsports, Mooresville has the spirit of the open road in its DNA. So it might not be surprising to find residential garages in this town with some advanced features that are not everywhere.


The garage has long been a space in the home where utility takes precedence over comfort. Some homes may have their water heater located next to the car and toolbox. Since these are usually gas-powered, the availability of utility lines is an important consideration if a water heater needs to be added or replaced in the garage.

In fact, in many American home garages both in Mooresville and elsewhere, advanced plumbing and drainage systems are becoming more common. Many new or remodeled garages now sport more than just a garden hose spigot. Stainless steel sinks, half baths and even bars are becoming common garage accessories. It's important to know the basics about garage plumbing before contacting a professional and getting your garage fixed up right.

Many families choose to put their refrigerator or freezer in the garage to save space in the kitchen. But some are taking full advantage of this space by installing ice makers and seating nearby. This allows the garage to double as a unique hangout spot. Talk to a professional plumber to learn more about making the most of your garage space.


In garages with water appliances, it's important to have a well-functioning drainage system in case of a major leak. The last thing you need during a leak is to end up with a drain clog. In some places, it may be required by a local housing ordinance. Garages with drains can also make it much easier to clean.

Of course, it's best to have a drain installed as the garage is being built. However, getting a drainage system installed in an existing garage is not out of the question.

Before tackling any major project like a new drainage system for your garage, be sure it is in accordance with local ordinance. Having work delayed or stopped because a city building code was violated could be costly. Your local Mooresville Roto-Rooter should also be brought in for assistance.

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