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An American Original Made in America


Roto-Rooter builds all of the famous Roto-Rooter sewer and drain cleaning machines in the USA at its West Des Moines, Iowa manufacturing plant, just a short distance from where the original Roto-Rooter machine was invented in 1933. At a time when many American manufacturers have outsourced manufacturing to low-cost overseas plants, Roto-Rooter has remained true to its American roots. In addition to building all of its machines in Iowa, Roto-Rooter manufactures its own drain cleaning cables, cutting blades, fittings and spare parts exclusively at its Iowa plant.

Additionally, all of Roto-Rooter’s drain care products are produced in the United States. They meet the highest safety standards. Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield® is an EcoLogo certified green product. Three of the products, Pipe Shield, Drain and Grease Trap Treatment, and Sugar Residue Digestant, are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). This certification assures food safety inspectors and end-users that products used in and around food processing meet the appropriate food safety requirements.

Rick Arquilla meets with plant employees

Roto-Rooter president and COO, Rick Arquilla meets with Roto-Rooter plant employees after the company’s appearance on CBS Television’s Undercover Boss TV show in 2010.